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Thank You for a Successful Garden Party


Thank You for a Successful Garden Party

Thank you to everyone who made the Garden Party a success! It was a lovely evening which brought in contributions of approximately $16,000 which supports the ministry of St. Peter's. None of it would have been possible without the assistance and generosity of so many people. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the following:

Our gracious hosts: Rick and Lotsie Holton

Event planning co-chairs: Dudley Grove and Frances Gay

Iris Sponsors
Bob & Signa Hermann

Blue Cardinal Sponsors
Diane Buhr Engelsmann, Frances & Bill Gay, Jim & Dudley Grove, Raymond & Cynthia Peters, Toby Martin & Kathleen Rogers, Linda Mckay, Chris & Sandy Knight, Connie Lohr

Rose Turtlehead Sponsors
Tom & Lisa Acker, Cyd & Gordon Alloway, Ann & Tom Babington, Carol Darnall, Penny & Phillip George, Bill & Loura Gilbert, Mike & Nancy Grimes, Nathan & Kathryn Haydon, David & Lisa Hodges, Rich & Kate Huck, Meredith & Corinne Jones, Bruce & Susan Miller, John & Carla Marshall, Bob & Pixie Messey, Annie & Joe Schlafley

With a special thanks to those who volunteered to bring food, set up, and bartend