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Garden Party Thank You


Garden Party Thank You

Thank you to all who made the Garden Party a great success!

Our annual Garden Party was Wednesday, June 5, and it was a wonderful event! Together, we raised almost $16,000 for the Just Food Truck. Thank you to everyone who attended, especially to those who made it possible by organizing, sponsoring, and volunteering!

Once again, we would like to thank Ginny Orthwein and Danny and Emily Orthwein for hosting a lovely evening. Thank you to Frances Gay and Suzanne Johnson for co-chairing this event, and to the sponsors who made the event such a success:


Jennifer and Tim Fogerty

Frances and Bill Gay

Penny and Philip George

Dudley and Jim Grove

Bettie Johnson

Sally Lemkemeier


Diane Engelsmann

Janet Hyde

Jan Mackey

Connie Lohr


Lisa and Tom Acker

Ann and Tom Babington

Sam and Bob Cocking

Katie and Charlie Claggett

Carol Darnall

Deborah Fitzgerald

Nikki Jansson

Suzanne and Jim Johnson

Page and Allan Ivie

Linda McKay

Pixie and Bob Messey

Susan and Bruce Miller

Rebekah and Gregory Murphy

Didi and Tim Noelker

Elizabeth and David Puckett

Ann and Tony Randazzo

Mary Rassieur

Nancy and Mike Grimes

Jen and Josh Schafer

Kate and Rich Huck

 Our Tremendous St. Peter's Volunteers

Kathy Atwood
Ann Babington
Matt Bouchard
Connor Bryant
Bob Cocking
Sam Cocking
Erin Cahill
Diane Engelsmann
Will Frank
Greg Finch
Penny George
Michael Grimes
Nancy Grimes
Jimmy Grimmett
Rich Huck
Jim Johnson
Chris Knight
Sandy Knight
Connie Lohr
Sally Lemkemeier
Judy Lozier
Cheryl Meyer
Didi Noelker
Tim Noelker
Barbara Brinkman
Jen Schafer
Liam Schafer
John Schoenecker
Kina Shapleigh
Molly Tallarico
Bill Wilson
Bud Wilson
Jerry Wille
Cathie Wille