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Christmas Flowers


Christmas Flowers

It is time to order flowers and greens to beautify the sanctuary for the Christmas Season. We hope that you will contribute $40.00 to the general cost of the decorations and greens. You may order and make your donation through the parish website here.

Or, you may place your order by completing the form found in Sunday's bulletin and submitting it to the Church Office with your check, marked for “Christmas Flowers”. The address, if you choose to return it by mail, is: 110 N. Warson Rd., St. Louis, MO 63124.

If you wish to have your acknowledgement appear in the Christmas Eve/Day booklet, all orders must be placed by Monday, December 12. Christmas Flowers donations received after that deadline are appreciated, and will still be designated for the flowers, but the acknowledgement will not meet the Christmas booklet print deadline.

Thank you for your donation!

Order Christmas Flowers Online