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Advent Wreath-Making: December 1

11/21/19 | Christian Education

Advent Wreath-Making: December 1

The Light of the World

“Our Advent Wreath is on our kitchen table.  It brings joy to our family dinner and an opportunity to talk about Advent.”  -St. Peter’s family

During this season of quiet, hopeful expectation please join us at the annual Advent Wreath Workshop on Sunday, December 1, immediately following both services in the undercroft.  Again this year we are making our Advent Wreaths entirely out of pinecones and holly, and if you have tucked away the gold tone candle wreath base that you received last year please recycle it and reuse that base this year.  All supplies, including many more wreath bases and candles, will be available at the workshop.  We even have “Advent Wreath To Go Bags” for those in a hurry after church.

Did you know that the light of the Advent Wreath signifies Christ, the light of the world?  And that the circle of the wreath represents the eternity of God and everlasting life found in Christ?  Learn all this and more as we create our own wreaths to take home.  Make Advent more meaningful by lighting the candles each Sunday and reading the beautiful Advent prayers.  No reservations or experience is necessary.

Also on December 1st, the children won’t want to miss the arrival of St. Nicholas at St. Peter’s and the chance to create their own Advent Blessing cups to take home.  Questions?  Contact Director of Christian Education, Ann Babington, .